The man with the vision, Danish designer Sarvo Breckling, whose talent for elegant lines combined with his desire to build a daycruiser that represents what can only be seen as extreme performance on every level, sees the SARVO37 as the beginning of an important change.

Fuelled by pure passion for creating a daycruiser both beautiful and elegant with sustainability, recycling and a true care for the environment as the driving force, Sarvo Marine’s true motivation is just that, to inspire change.

Sarvo Breckling

CEO & Designer

Sarvo founded the company out of a desire to create a fast and beautiful day cruiser, a yacht that doesn’t in any way harm the environment. The initial vision was developed over a period of seven years before the work of building the first yacht was started, from that point on it has been all about creating the ultimate electric yacht. With a clear view of wanting to produce a modern classic, an environmentally correct yacht, his vision has now been realized through the SARVO37.

Jonas Voss


Jonas Voss is known to challenge the status quo from his former position as chief engineer behind a revolutionary Swedish electric super car. Jonas has a well-known track record within electrification, working with some of the biggest OEM’s within the automotive industry for the last 10 years. Latest achievement, taking RGNT electric motorcycles in Sweden from idea to fully homologated and production ready motorcycles within 1 year of time, an absolutely outstanding achievement. A key part of Sarvo Marine and a man who strives to push the limits of design innovation and electric battery and engine solutions. All from the vision of maintaining the edge of Sarvo Marine in the market place.

Jan Brandi

Partner, COO

Social networking and entrepreneurial professional, founder of various companies. Management, leadership, and product development. He is the right hand to the CEO, Sarvo Breckling. Communication specialist. Brandi is a strategist and business developer. Former devoted life coach for troubled youth. Strategist in sustainable development and recycling potential of the boating industry.


Though the vision of the SARVO37 started to take shape on board a family member’s home built aluminium boat some fourteen years ago, an additional seven years went by
before Sarvo started the design process that eventually lead to a one meter long version of what now is the SARVO37. The scale model was created together with Danish Marine Design, a company initially brought in to assist with the marrying of the three profiles of the hull, an instrumental part of Sarvo’s initial vision and the overall design both for the performance of the yacht and its look.

Danish Marine Design


CDE Danish Marine Design is a Copenhagen based design and engineering company known for well-designed and well-performing power- and sailboats as well as commercial vessels. Since 1988 we have designed appx. 200 pleasure craft and commercial vessels from the size of 2.5 meter up to 50 meter in length. The company started up designing the present high-speed rescue boats positioned all over Denmark, and with a broad variety of aluminum power boats for several yards, we are familiar with this type of crafts. The Sarvo37 is our design no. 195 and is designed using our experience with hull form and the use of materials in combination with a classic sleek high speed craft design and modern technology merged with Sarvo Marine’s high demands regarding style and performance, landing the design as a CE Category B. CDE Danish Marine Design is proud to be the design and engineering partner of Sarvo Marine.

CPH Steel A/S

CPH Steel A/S is located in Glostrup and handles special projects from largely recognized companies covering the entire country. The mentality behind CPH Steel is to transform raw elements to creative steel- and aluminium structures, including design products. It is their ability to deliver historically good finish and top quality, that leaves them far ahead of their competitors in the Copenhagen area. For Sarvo Marine ApS there is no doubt that CPH Steel A/S is the most compatible collaboration partner for the project, to weld the hull of the boats. Founder, Morten Rosenberg is graduated at Esbjerg Havn, where he is trained in shipbuilding and restoration, and later moved on to work with fine metals, where aluminium, is used in a variety of structures. CPH Steel A/S have from the start taken the project and the potential collaboration extremely serious. At CPH Steel there is capacity to have the boats welded in a hall exclusively available for this project.

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